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"More than half of human energy, in this case, intellectual energy, thought energy, is spent into one single action: that of organizing. to organize is to organize, is to clear the obstacles to the use of what already exists: is to make effective the use of the past; in a way it is to direct what has already been thought, what has already been done, what has already been said; and to direct means to say with actions: this goes here, that goes there."

Gonçalo M. Tavares in Atlas do Corpo e da Imaginação

This proposal is a fraction and a moment, a crossing point in a project under construction since 2017. A trip emerges as a start, two bodies move in the same space. Eastern Europe as a context for a frigid landscape. By proposing an exercise of sensory condensation, the idea consists in a point of contact, collection, and freezing the contents found in drawers belonging to locals. What happens to the poetry of memory, confronted with what gave rise to it? 

Nuno Mendoza: Research and sound

Soraia Pinheiro: Research and photography

Presented at Porto, Portugal for the initiative Second Chance 

Supported by Porto Lazer and Council of Porto

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