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"A man starts to think and a torrent of water starts. Water as a stream raises a relationship from which we do not know the beginning or the end. A relationship that causes the creation of images that give rise to other images, sounds that give rise to other sounds, liquid movements where nothing is petrified. Everything is open.


As in the film "The Russian Ark" by Sokurov, filmed in a long and unique sequence plan, it is said at the end: "The sea is everywhere. And we are destined to sail forever. To live forever. "


Not About Water has no beginning or end, immersing itself in a long-established course. Nothing will start here, nothing will end here either. We are in a continuum and we are instants, to desire the permanence."

Not About Water is a open multidisciplinary collective with an on going character that creates a point of contact, collection and freezing memories, proposing an exercise of self understanding combined in an audio-visual artistic object.​

"Jökulsárlón Glacier, Iceland 2019"

Nuno Leão: Text

Elina Bry: Voice over

Lawrence Willoughby: Trumpet

Liana Nurse: Cello

Nuno Mendoza: Field recording and sound edit

Tiago Moura: Visuals

"Not About Water" Mount Florida Gallery 2018

Lawrence Willoughby: Trumpet and electronics

Nuno Mendoza: Ice and electronics

Tiago Moura: Visuals

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