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“When I think of something, I am actually thinking of something else. You can only think of something if you think of something else. For instance: You look at a new landscape. But it only looks like something new to you, because in your mind you can ́t help but compare it with some landscape you have already known”

In “Praise of love”, Jean-Luc Godard

LANDSCAPE PHILOSOPHY is a project that explores the concept of landscape as a subjective form of looking at the world and at the reality around us.


From the starting point that the idea of landscape is fundamental to our lives, to our experience, to our conception of what is around us (space) and to how we (body) occupy that space, we experience, through the contact and confrontation between various spaces and glances that are projected, forms of fiction on the surrounding reality, a performative work using the tools of the word, video, and live body.

Research and performance: Ana Gil and Nuno Leão

Video: Tiago Moura

Sound: Nuno Mendoza

Design: Catia Santos

Supported by Council of Castelo Branco and Public Library of Vila Velha de Rodão

2015 Multidisciplinary Exhibition: Camouflage, Encounters with Landscape

2015 Video - Poem: What are poets for in time of indigence?, based on the book "Terceira Miséria", Hélia Correia

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